Montgomery County Senior Games
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  • Billiards Congress of America rules will be used unless specified below.
  • A coin flip will determine who breaks; winner of the flip will have their choice for the first game. For subsequent games the loser of previous game will break.
  • The match will be a best of 3 games format.
  • Scratch on a break results in all pocketed balls being returned to the table and ball in hand behind the head string.
  • For any other foul ball in hand means that player can place ball anywhere on table.
  • Women play on a smaller table
  • Cue sticks and balls will be provided
  • 8 ball pocketed on the break does not result in automatic win. The ball will be replaced on the table.
  • Combination shots are legal provided shooter’s ball is contacted first.
  • Each match will be a maximum of 30 minutes with each game having 10 minute max.
  • If time left over from the first 2 games it can be applied to the 3rd game with the 30 minute match limit still intact.
  • This is a bracketed event, therefore participants MUST check-in 1/2 hour prior to competition start time.  Failure to do so forfeits your activity registration.