Montgomery County Senior Games
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The National Horseshoes Pitchers Association of America rules will be official. Singles (metal horseshoe) competition only will be offered. Regulation distances for metal horseshoes will be 40’ for men 50 years to 69 years of age and 30’ for men 70 years and older and will be 30’ for women 50 years to 74 years of age and 20’ for women 74 years and older. The official metal shoe shall not exceed 7-1/4” in width, 7-5/8” in length and shall not weigh more than 2 lb. 10 oz.

A 24-shoe (12 round) per player game will be thrown with a single elimination loss.
Metal horseshoes will be provided for tournament play; competitors may bring their own equipment as long as it conforms to the dimensions listed above.

This is a bracketed event, therefore participants MUST check-in 1/2 hour prior to competition start time.  Failure to do so forfeits your activity registration.  

This event is weather permitting.